Disc-Type Auto-Reset Bimetal Thermostat Switch for Heating Appliances

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C4/1C4/1C4A 系列
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    Highly efficient auto-reset bimetal thermostat temperature control switch.


    • Type:Electric,Mechanical
    • Material of Base:Ceramic, Thermoplastic
    • Base Type:Auto Reset, Manual Reset
    • Contact Arrangement:Normally Close, Normally Open
    • Mounting Type:No mounting flange, Regular top mounting, Surface mounting bracket, Top mounting integrated cup
    • Terminal Type:4.8mm(0.8mm Thickness) 0° to 90° Quick connect, 4.8mm(0.8mm Thickness) 90° Quick connect, 4.8mm(0.8mm Thickness) Flat Quick connect, 6.3mm(0.8mm Thickness) 0° to 90° Quick connect, 6.3mm(0.8mm Thickness) 90° Quick connect, 6.3mm(0.8mm Thickness) Flat Quick connect
    • Actuating Temperature:1C4: Maximum operating temperature 185 deg.C, C4: Maximum operating temperature 205 deg.C
    • Differential Temperature:Normally 10℃ to 20℃, Other differentials can be specified

    Key Features

    -Auto-reset and manual reset compact bimetal switches for installation in heating appliances.
    -Comes in a variety of terminal and connector types.
    -Built to withstand a range of high temperatures and high load capacities.
    -UL and VDE approved.

    *** Please advise what temperature rating meet your required ***

    C4/ 1C4/ 1C4A Series Thermostat


    Espressor machines, Vending machines, Toaster, Photo copier, Roomheater, UPS, Microwave, and Other household appliances and heating appliances.

    • UL、VDE

    Electrical Specification:
    • Electrical Ratings:
      C4/1C4 Series:AC 250V/10A , AC 125V/15A
          1C4A Series:AC 125V/15A
    • Dielectric Strength:AC 1500V , 60 sec 
    • Insulation Resistance:100 MΩ or more
    • Contact Risitance:50 mΩ or less 
    • Life Cycles:
      C4/1C4 Series:Over 100,000 cycles under rated load
          1C4A Series:Over 6,000 cycles under rated load

    Thermal Specification:
    • Ambient Temperature:C4 Series(250℃)
    • Actuating Temperature:
      C4 Series (Maximum 205℃)
      1C4 Series (Maximum 185℃)
      1C4A Series (Maximum 185℃)
    • Tolerance:±3%
    • Differential:
      C4/1C4 Series:Normally 10℃ to 20℃ and other differentials can be specified
      1C4A Series:Reset  temperature can be specified

    Other Features:
    • Compact dimension with high load capacity
    • High operating speed
    • Current insensitive

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    Thermostat Temperature Control Switch For Heating Appliances

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Minimum Order:1000 Piece(s)
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